October 16, 2006

But REALLY unlucky. This speaks for itself.


The land of (irony) free speech…

October 15, 2006


Displaying a wonderful, and guileless, cocktail of self-parody and an utter lack of self-awareness, a Houston parent has called for Ray Bradbury’s ‘Farenheit 451’, depicting a society which burns books, to be removed from his daughter’s curriculum, on the grounds that it contains strong language. (Fuck-a-dee-doo-dah!)

A beautiful response to anyone that says Americans don’t understand irony.

Fortunately, librarians in America have been in the front line of opposition to the Patriot Act, which allows the FBI to see what books those who have the inclination to read, rather than spend their time at the shooting range, have been checking out.

A neat illustration that the real defenders of the foundations of freedom, democracy and the constitution aren’t oil guzzling oligarchs, brutalized marines or Superman but quiet citizens- not consumers- who let people read their wares for free. (Goddam, that smacks of anti-free market Communism).
Given the climate, I wouldn’t want to name names, but thanks to Raf for the tip-off here.

Shhh!- (these wall have ears).

christmas shopping…

October 4, 2006

As the bah humbug season approaches with the speed and inevitability of a rattlesnake on amphetamines, I know what I’d like to use to liven up those urban shopping centres. Just leave this suspicious looking device in the greed palace of your choice, stand clear and warm your hands over the controlled explosion.