aren’t we clever…

February 1, 2007


It’s O.K everyone.

We can all breathe a successful multi-cultural sigh of relief.

Shilpa won Celebrity Big Brother so racism no longer exists in Britain.

We’ve been purged of this insidious social evil in a cleansing firestorm of media hypocrisy. Even The Sun can agree that ‘Towelheads’, ‘Pakis’, ‘Yids’ and ‘Chav Scum’ (the best token I’ve seen in ages) are “All British”.

Hooray for us!

All that we need to be forever rid of this iniquitous lack of tolerance is for the public hanging of Jade Goody to be disseminated worldwide by mobile phone video. (Bullying is, after all, intolerable and anyone who makes a scapegoat of someone else deserves nothing less).

Many thanks to Channel Four for fulfilling it’s public service remit by holding a mirror up to society and allowing us to impale the vampire of racism on the trusty tabloid stake.

We can all give ourselves a great big pat on the back and move on now that we’ve dealt with that little problem. (Not sure about the people next door, though- I think they might be recent immigrants).