Mindbending wrongness on a titanic scale II…

March 29, 2007

As is often the way with sequels- it’s bigger and worse.

It seems rock n’ roll isn’t the only genre to suffer co-optation at the hands of rank hypocrites who are the antithesis of everything it once stood for.

George Bush handler and right winger Karl Rove’s numerous previous tricks include using a false name to gain entry to the offices of Democrat candidate Alan Dixon, stealing headed notepaper and using it to disrupt his campaign as well as leaking the identity of a CIA agent in an attempt to discredit her husband for challenging his case for the war in Iraq.

Minor infractions compared to this latest abomination.

Hip-hop fans beware. This is off any Richter scale of wrongness I can bring to my befuddled mind.

Witness our ebullient oligarch embarrass himself and insult millions of music fans in a rap display as MC Rove at the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association dinner.

I know there’s a degree of controversy surrounding the alleged relationship between rap music and gun culture but I didn’t think it went as far as outright warmongering.

(Thanks, I think, to Inez for the tip-off here).


We’d have got away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling kids…

March 28, 2007

A nice little ‘David and Goliath’ story as Glaxo Smith Kline end up with a fine of NZ$217,000 after an experiment conducted by a couple of schoolgirls revealed that it’s ‘Ready to Drink Ribena’ contained no discernible trace of Vitamin C- belying its misleading claims that the ‘blackcurrants in Ribena have four times the Vitamin C of oranges.’

That may once have been the case but not after they’ve been reduced to their pigments and pounded with sugar. A stark illustration of the difference between theory and practice- the armies of the world contain enough manpower to rebuild innumerable hospitals and schools, it’s just that they’re not applied in that direction.

This might all seem a bit obvious- ‘Sugary soft drink in not as good for you as fruit juice shocker’- but the bit I like is the toe curling disingenuousness of the company. Its initial curt response was to tell the girls “It’s the blackcurrants that have it” and then hang up the phone. They’ve now been invited to visit GSK to be thanked for “bringing it to our attention”. I’ll bet- presumably Ribena will be served. I’d love to hear what they were saying behind closed doors. The nice irony is that the girls initially conducted the experiment to show that Ribena contained more Vitamin C than its competitors.

What next? Maybe we should include the maths on replacing Trident in the GCSE paper to get a realistic costing.

mind bending wrongness on a titanic scale…

March 8, 2007

Bankers (in every sense of the word) get standing ovation for butchery of U2’s ‘one’. Crassness squared.

Rock and roll is dead. Every positive creative impulse we once had has been co-opted. (This winds me up and I don’t even particularly like U2, or this song. God alone knows what a Hendrix cover here would do to my already fragile grip on a faith in any future for humankind).

It’s over. They won and all we can do is sit and throw our toys around a postmodern cot and give them money.

Or we can laugh like drains at the most fatuous expression of ANYTHING I’ve seen since a drunk guy called me all of the monosyllabic swearwords he could slur together and threatened to kill me for not giving him more to drink a week ago.
What are these guys on (and where can I get some)?