ukelele wizardry…

If you don’t like:

The Beatles, or

Random but technically adept stringed instrument wankery,

Look away now.

(Actually, if you don’t like unnecessary musical showing off, fair enough. If you don’t like The Beatles, seek help- there’ s something missing from your shrivelled, blackened soul).

Otherwise, check out this solo ukelele version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps


5 Responses to ukelele wizardry…

  1. Spiff says:

    I always find this stuff nice to watch although I would easily skip it if I could only hear it. Is it ok to love the Beatles and not being particularly fond of Harrison’s songs – including Something?

  2. cartoonlife says:

    Yeah, i reckon that’s OK- you’d still be appreciating his guitar playing anyway. The point about The Beatles, as with most great bands, is that the sum was greater than the whole of the parts.

  3. Spiff says:

    I like quite a few Harrison’s songs namely Love You To, Taxman, If I Needed Someone, Old Brown Shoe and Long Long Long. I’m just not so fond of the obvious ones.

    Check this one out…

  4. cartoonlife says:

    Pedro, your taste is impeccable as ever. Those ARE the obvious ones

  5. Inez says:

    Dude, I rocked out to a crazy all-ukelele band in Berlin in January 2006. There must have been 14 musicians on the stage, and the music was SLAMMIN. I’m trying to find out who they are so I can track down a YouTube video for you.

    As for the Beatles, when I was four years old, my mom’s friends would give me dollar to sing I wanna hold your hand. Thank god video cameras weren’t around back in the day…

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