parliament’s back and so is this…


The days are short, the new pencil cases and protractors have been bought and broken already- school’s well and truly back, even the one for overgrown children we call Parliament- so I thought I’d better dust off my atrophied cynicism gland and get blogging again.

Hiatus has been partly due to being busy but mainly, if I’m honest, because I’m idle to the very marrow. On that subject I’ve also got loads of writing to do so this is the best way of staving off the dread, mute stare of an empty word document.

Parliament’s back in session and, at last, it looks like a bit of good ole fashioned knockabout fun. Our gloriously ‘feral’ media have had an easy silly season of it, trawling for scraps on the McCann case, but now they can create, and then uncreate, elections for us as well.

For the first time in ages it looks like we might have a proper inter party scrap on our hands, as well as the usual implosions- even the Lib Dems seem to want to have a go at that game.

Obviously there’s barely more than a sheet of toilet paper’s worth of real ideological difference between them.

Years of Thatcherism shifted the goalposts out of philosophical view, and the real Blair legacy has been to grind spin so far into the machinery that it’s had to go back underground.

The real sport is watching Brown and Cameron try to outdo each other in displays of dough faced, paternalistic sincerity.

To be honest, we could put the teletubbies in power and by mid-way through the first term, Tinky Winky would be picking fights with the BBC over perceived bias, Po would be sabre rattling somewhere in the middle east and Laa Laa would be blaming any economic troubles on the mess left by The Banana Splits.

And yes, I know the ‘they’re all as bad as each other’ argument carries about as much currency as a Northern Rock high street branch but maybe it is time to rejuvenate our faith in the flagging public service broadcast institutions by swapping roles. (It’s a popular enough TV gimmick as it stands).

Spin, we’re supposed to believe, has little place in government anymore so maybe it’d inculcate a sense of moral rectitude in all those pesky programme controllers if they had to work in such a virtuous forum whilst our redoubtable parliamentarians could restore honour to TV. They could even remain on opposite sides of the ring- (Brown for the BBC, Cameron for ITV, he’s got form, after all, from his stint at Carlton).

And, look on the bright side, they’d all still have to be afraid of Rupert Murdoch.


2 Responses to parliament’s back and so is this…

  1. rashbre says:

    I find the bias of the existing teletubbies a little shocking.

    Theres a socialist one, a green one, a lib dem but why o why is the other one purple? Surely it should be blue to keep proper tory / democrat sensitivities balanced. Or is there already some hint that the there is a shift towards the centre? and if so, will we also see Po progressively becoming more purple through time?

    We should be told.


  2. cartoonlife says:

    i think that the purple will become tinged with red and the red ever more purple and so on until, like the pigs and men at the end of animal farm, they’re all the same colour.

    i’m colourblind so it makes no odds to me

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