estate agents in ‘hit by credit crunch shocker’…

Seem those venerable servants of society the estate agents are suffering, after the years o’plenty, at the hands of the dreaded credit crunch.

Boo Hoo!

I’m sure most of them aren’t the fleecing, self-serving, jargon mongering middlemen parasites of common conception. Nevertheless, I just don’t have a violin small enough to play the song of woe they seem to feel they deserve.

Still, it’s not all bad news. Apparently the easiest way to weather out a recession- (or downturn, or slowdown, or other random economic synonyms the difference between which I don’t quite understand)- is to already be super rich.

Dammit, why didn’t I think of that?


5 Responses to estate agents in ‘hit by credit crunch shocker’…

  1. deh neh neh neh na ANGUS! says:

    Been a while Adam – why don’t you post about rock music and booze? Anyway, speaking as a law student, these pimpstick estate agent fuckers are, apparently, fairly useful. My lecturers tell me that the only thing that makes more money for lawyers than people trying and failing to do their own conveyancing is people writing their own wills. “The only thing better than a home-made conveyance is a home-made will”. Its all about maxims…

    Hope alls well

  2. cartoonlife says:

    Alright Gus,
    I do write about rock music- it’s just that it tends to end up getting used in other formats. This is supposed to be a distraction from the phd- not some holistic all encompassing project.

    Also, I’m not denying that estate agents might be of value- merely espousing the short sighted, misanthropic view that they’re currently having a hard time and that this is a good thing.

    There is of course, a place for everything and everyone- and their’s is up shit creek, where they currently appear to be headed.

    If i have to join them there, so be it. At least I’m used to it…

  3. Gus says:

    Quite right – fuck em. If only there was some way of engineering an economic downturn that hit ‘recruitment consultants’ as well.

    Hope the PhD is going well – I suppose my point about rock music and booze was sort of what you are saying – if you are already writing about rock music you may as well share bits of it. I know I’d be interested. Although as you point out blogging isn’t any kind of ‘answer’ – my mate James calls his blogging habit ‘wanking in public’.

    Have a look – (no actual wanking – I assume he was speaking metaphorically)

    You are passing up a great opportunity to share the ‘citrus fucknut’ or the ‘wimbledon mojito’ with the world though.


  4. I want to to thank you for this fantastic read!
    ! I definitely loved every bit of it. I have you book-marked to check out new stuff you post…

  5. Iklan Baris says:

    Iklan Baris

    estate agents in ‘hit by credit crunch shocker’… | cartoonlife

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